Spray Cleaner & Conditioner
Spray Cleaner & Conditioner

Spray Cleaner & Conditioner

Convenient spray bottle formula is the fastest & easiest way to bring your favorite leather pieces back to life! Mr. Leather repels water and moisturizes your leather, preventing dulling and cracking. Natural cleaners and oils leave behind no oily residue.
  • Moisturizes to prevent dulling, fading and cracking.
  • Safe to use on all closed-grain leather.
  • Simply spray on and wipe off; no buffing necessary.
  • Repels water.
  • Leaves no oily residue.
  • Use on furniture, clothing, shoes, luggage and more.
  • Great leather scent.
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Pkg Size: 16 oz.

Results That Speak for Themselves.

Mr. Leather's proven formula effortlessly removes dirt and stains while nourishing and rejuvenating your favorite leather pieces. Experience the joy of watching your leather items age gracefully, maintaining their timeless beauty for decades to come.


What Others Are Saying:

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We have a beautiful leather chair that gets the sun rays due to location in our living room. This cleaner soaked right in and made our chair look brand new. It doesn’t take long to put on with a micro fiber cloth. My wife came home from work and noticed it immediately. It cleans and restores without leaving any milky residue.

- Joseph Albers, Amazon Customer

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Received bottle today and promptly grabbed 25 year old leather jacket I wear while riding motorcycle and got started with restoration. Used a cotton cloth and I got busy rubbing the conditioner into the leather. After initial work I must say I am impressed.

- Jim on Amazon

5 Stars.png__PID:b63c6603-ce96-4fab-a7ba-6c573352855d

I love the great leather smell and the quality conditioning of this leather cleaner. It leaves a slight sheen and lightly darkens the leather. I highly recommend!!

- Niall P.

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This product is the only thing that really keeps my leather sofas looking great.

- Lisa on Amazon

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I love it! I use Mr. Leather on my leather shoes, leather sofa, leather car seats and on my leather purses. It instantly revives dull dry leather and gives a nice shine. It cleans up any spills left behind by daily use of items. I love the pleasant new leather scent.

-  Debora H.

5 Stars.png__PID:b63c6603-ce96-4fab-a7ba-6c573352855d

I have used at least six other leather products and this is the BEST one! This one is SUPERB. Put it on, let it soak in, add more as needed based on how needy the leather is, let dry, then buff to a shine! You will love it.

- Colleen Moore

5 Stars.png__PID:b63c6603-ce96-4fab-a7ba-6c573352855d

Just tried it on my handbags, both high-end ones and non-high-end ones...it really shines all like brand new again! love it! Now I'm confident to use it to clean and condition my genuine leather jackets!

- Sandy

Endless Possibilities.

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Limitless Possibilities

Mr. Leather is the ultimate leather cleaner and conditioner for all closed-grain leather products. From furniture to jackets, handbags to wallets, and even equestrian goods, this versatile product can tackle it all. No matter the niche, if you can dream it, we can clean it.

How to Use:

1. Shake well before using.
2. Apply with a clean, soft cloth.
3. Wipe to an even shine.

We always recommend spot testing Mr. Leather on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure colorfastness.

Full Directions
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