Nothing compares to the natural beauty and luxury of genuine leather - and you can easily protect and maintain your fine leather furnishings, clothing and accessories with a little understanding and care.

First, realize that leather is actually animal skin - a strong, durable material vulnerable to its environment that requires regular cleaning and conditioning; to maintain its natural oils and long-lasting beauty. Using Mr. Leather helps; prevent drying, cracking and fading; to prolong the life of your leather.

Clean, Shine and Protect all your home's leather surfaces easily and effectively with these helpful tips from Mr. Leather:

  • Place leather items away from direct heat sources, as exposure to heat and sunlight can dehydrate and fade leather.
  • Moisturize leather regularly, especially if it is impractical to place it out of the sun or away from radiators and the like.
  • Keep naturally porous leather clean and free from everyday dust, dirt and grease, which can cause leather to deteriorate over time.
  • Understand the type of leather you have to evaluate how best to care for it.
    - Top coated leathers, most commonly used for furnishings, clothing and shoes, are processed in a way that makes them appear uniform in appearance and have a protective coating on the surface that is more resistant to the environment and more durable for heavy use.
    - Open grain leathers, such as nubuck, suede or chamois, have no outer finish over the top grain of the leather. Because these types of leather have no outer coating, they will absorb any liquid that is applied to them and are very susceptible to staining.
    - Do not use Mr. Leather on open grain leather or topcoat that has worn through. Because there are so many types of leather available on the market, always follow the recommended cleaning and conditioning suggestions of the original leather manufacturer.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe Mr. Leather onto surfaces, leaving an even shine and moisturizing protection. Test first for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.
  • Choose the appropriate Mr. Leather product for a given leather care task. Use Mr. Leather liquid for items like shoes, handbags and briefcases. Mr. Leather spray is great for larger surfaces like furniture, auto interiors and luggage. Mr. Leather wipes, available in a convenient canister, are great for leather jackets and everyday touch-ups around your home.